Islamic Funding

Bank Islam Personal Loan

Amount of Funding:

Based on eligibility limit and subject to a minimum of RM10, 000 and a maximum amount of RM200, 000 **

Repayment period:

Maximum of 15 years (180 months) or until retirement age, whichever is earlier

Floating Rate (Base Financing Rate (BLR):

1-3 years: BLR - of 2.10% per annum
4-10 years: BLR - 0.60% pa
11-15 years: BLR +0.25% per year
Note: Current Base Financing Rate - 6.60% per annum.

  • Applicants must be 18 years and not exceeding the retirement age at the end of the payment period.
  • Citizens of Malaysia.
  • Minimum fixed income of RM2, 000 a month.
The applicant shall continue to be employees in the following sectors:
  • Government sector
  • Selected Public Listed Companies
  • Subsidiaries of Government or Selected Public Listed Companies
  • Selected Limited Company categorized under package companies listed by Bank Islam


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